Targeting capabilities are competitive snacks.

With real-time tech, solid data, and pre-bid targeting, we provide businesses and agencies the automated value boost at a granular level. So when it comes to campaign optimization or advertising, we help you conquer all the right parameters along with grabbing intelligent value-audience to keep you miles ahead of the competition.

Valuable Shoppers of Sales Channel

Ability to target valuable buyers in past 3 days to 90 days for any specific domain like,,,,, etc. We can target shoppers by product name, category, social events, invoices, statements, stocks investments, travel to and from for... past and future dates.

Competitor Site Audience targeting

Ability to target your competitor site visitors who are communicating with them for purchases, quotations, after sales services, etc.

Predictive Segments

Our technology determines the receptive users among the selected audience segments to buy the most valuable impression to improve your sales conversion.

Users Re-Engagement

Ability to re-engage the users based on click or impression without deployment any pixel on advertiser website. Financial institutions generally avoid to deploy any pixel due to security risk. This is the best solution for them to retarget their past users who have click the ad or expose to an... ad.

Lookalike Audience

A lookalike audience expands the reach of first-party audiences by identifying audience users that are similar to your customers. We can build lookalike audiences based on custom data and third-party data.

Point of Interest

POI location audiences enable you to identify and to target consumers who have visited points of interests on specific dates and build custom audiences such as holiday shoppers, vacation travelers, sporting event attendees, and so on. Targeting POI audiences enable you to reach people... when and where ads will have the most impact, increase consideration, and maximize revenue potential.

Search Keyword

A search keyword audience identifies users based on their search history. We define a search keyword audience using an array of keywords (words and phrases searched) and excludeKeywords (words and keywords not searched). The search audience includes Search users whose... search histories meet both criteria.

First Party Audience

Since data is the evolutionary milestone in wake of digital era. Data is a potent catalyst in understanding the audience, creating desire and catering customer's interest or need based ads. First Party Audience collected and leveraged from your brand's audience to gauge audience profiling... and ensures optimized data-driven ads for personalized experience of the users.

2nd Party Audience

2nd party data is next step in the evolution of progressive marketing. It employs first party data from different company or source and leveraged for the benefits of providing niche data, high quality and expansive audience. It ensures transparency of data as we buy and sell it for value ad targeting.

3rd Party Audience

3rd Party Data are curated data sets acts as a fuel to energize and leverage data based on your required brand's characteristic, attained from large data aggregators based on demographic and psychographic behavior for increased inventory, creatively wider and valuable audience that isbeyond... the usual one. It encompasses greater prospects in diverse ways and provides an edge over the direct competitor.

Geo Targeting

Geographic Targeting is the marketing armor that target any state, city or country . IP Targeting is the next bulls-eye marketing toolset that allows you to geographically target designated IP addresses by drawing virtual boundaries based on longitude, latitude or defined radius or block... ranges. You can now trump your direct competitor leaps and bounds with IP targeting. Geo fencing allows to gather location-based ad-targeting and crowd-sourcing for your business or event to provide greater exposure and boost sales. Geo leverages data extracted from Bluetooth, GPS of the users for more contextual real-time advertising reaping optimum results, keeping to you top of the mind, creates, bolster rewarding program and massive sales.

In Market Audience

We bring you customers for your brand backed by data that is already looking for the product or service but just hasn't reached your brand using in Marketing Audience tool. In Market Audience helps in leveraging data i.e high commercial intent users via Google search history for optimized... ad-targeting, a top of the range option for target ads, YouTube ads and remarketing to drive incremental conversions.

Mobile Models

It targets relevant user-centered contextual mobile ad on user's smart phones for pin-point precision conversion and generates ROI exponentially. This ad targeting capability targets customers by tracking their behavioral activity of the mobile websites, and interests geared... specifically for smart phones to understands and target customers with their choicest pricing range for massive conversions and spot on targeting.


Precision campaign and ad targeting based on specified group comprising features like age, gender, location, language, parental status, occupation and the like. It is likely to save your budget, reduce unnecessary impressions.

Pre-Bid Viewability

Transaction on ads viewability has become essential more than ever. So, in alignment our progressive marketing mantra and in line with the needs of our clients, FlameAd allows ensuring viewability -50% to -100% before actual biding so you can be satisfied with the ad placement.

Above the Fold

Visibility is everything, literally! So if the ad is placed below or below side corner of the web page it is useless.Above the fold allows you to publish your ad above the web page so that it is vividly noticeable without scrolling the website. Pre loading helps one to see and raise awareness about the... placement of the ad if it is favorable or not.

Content Categories

Category targeting is considered as a breakthrough in progressive marketing based on market verticals and content web pages. It is a powerful tool because once you target a category for your ads it subsequently target its sub-categories thus enhancing the user experience and results.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual targeting parameters warrants that the campaign is hitting the relevant topic. We provide contextual that allows to create memorable & impactful ads, gravitating viewers by offering increased relevancy and inspires action.... The context of the ad links up with the content on the web page based on with similar content and keyword search. This grabs lasting attention of the viewer and helps your brand to acquire massive sale leads to your pipeline.

True Advertising Quality Score

To ensure quality media and advertising eco-system, TRAQ is a one of a kind tool that has become the standard of rating quality of media being advertised. It does not let your budget go waste and makes sure the scalability measures are up to... par by ensuring measures by allowing favorable exposure to control and monitor performance and inventory quality. TRAQ score takes into account Brand Safety, Viewability and Fraudulent impression detection; across display, mobile and video ad inventory.

Mobile Carrier

By 2020, nearly 80% ad spending was projected on mobiles. Imagine how significantly mobile ad targeting is pacing up as more and more time is spend on mobile phones by the users! We help you bolster your campaign performance with Mobile Carrier targeting by segmented audience for... perfected targeting based on holistic metrics and narrow audience to deliver right ad at the right time along with in-app measurements in accordance with customer's journey. It is the most go-to targeting feature of progressive marketing. This allows advertisers to create compelling ads based on automated optimization for a more localized experience and hence precision targeting for better results.

Dynamic Re-targeting

Dynamic Retargeting is a sophisticated technology that analyzes customer behavior and interest demonstrated on websites, and creates custom ad as per the customer's interest to grope his/her attention to achieve higher conversion rate. The retargeting technique has been sufficed to produce 98% effective results.

Brand Safety

Abandon the risk of fake news & unsavory content, and ensure placement of your advertising alongside right content. We help you attain the pertinent impressions by real people, that yields great output and are cost effective. We offer advanced marketing solutions and maintain... ethical standards and utter transparency in our dealings.

Specific Web or App

Specific website and app based ad targeting allows to maneuver quality audience to capture consumers and convert into buyers by displaying impactful functioning ads.

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