An 4% of average costumer is estimated to make purchase on the website whereas a handful of 96% of the customer is left of the hook after they visit the website. This is where the retargeting strategy comes in to offer you dynamic solution to bring back the customer to the website by reminding them they are buyers.

We believe in helping your data, creative and media work together for optimal campaign perform across the entire customer journey.

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Live Demo of Dynamic Remarketing

We have prepared live demo of dynamic remarketing for ecommerce website for better understanding and implementation of the dynamic remarketing using the data points with relevant messaging according to the consumer purchase journey.

In this demo, we have setup a website of as a advertiser website and as a publisher website.

Advertiser is selling 6 mobile phone brands and each brand has few models which are available for online sales. If user visits any brand page, model page or add to cart page and abandon the cart on advertiser website, user will see the relevant ad on website in the ad unit 300x250.

In this example, we have setup one DCO Ad using variable of price, brand, model, image and call to action with relevant messaging.

There is no limitation of products on advertiser website. Only one Sizmek dynamic Tag will be implemented on advertiser website, all site users will see the add on the publisher sites where advertiser has purchased the media on open web using direct media, open ad exchange, private marketplace or PG media buying type. There is no limit of publisher websites. Advertiser can buy the media either from 10 websites or million of websites thorough any ad exchange.

Fig.1 - Brand Page
Fig.2 - Model Page
Fig.3 - Add to cart and Abandoned Cart

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting of ads is the most effective strategy to improve sales and retain the customer to have long lasting relationship. We are specialist for remarketing on all leading platforms.

  • Facebook

  • Google Display Network

  • Google Search

  • Youtube Channel Subscribers

  • Youtube Specific Video Watcher

  • Open Web media buying via any DSP like Google DV360, Xandr, MediaMath, etc

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

By understanding your customer's specific browsing activity, we can develop dynamic ads automatically to show your potential customers the product relevant to their needs.

Custom template will be developed using various elements based on brands’ unique features, price discounts , location, weather, last recorded visit, etc.

Product feed on Facebook, Google & other Networks

Custom Data Feeds

Ecommerce Platform Integration

Product Catalogue Integration

Integration with leading ecommerce platforms

Display product within banner based on user last action performed within banner

You targeted a female

She has been browsing for frocks over the web

Your dynamic ad will display frocks from your catalog to match her requirement

Once she visits your webpage your dynamic ad will now be displayed based on the items’ she browsed

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