FlameAd envisions to broaden the horizon of our venture that renders amplified digital landscape for businesses to flourish.


Our mission is to transform the digital experience for the brands so they can thrive exponentially.

FlameAD is an advanced programmatic advertising network which is connected with all leading ad exchanges, demand side, data management, brand safety, ad serving and ad verification platforms to enable advertiser to get valuable audience across omni channels display, video, OTT, Audio, social, search and native. FlameAD is capable of accessing major publisher inventory globally like Facebook, Youtube, Google Display Network, Rubicon, Index, Pubmatic, MediaMath, Appnexus, etc.

Years of Experience

All local and global publishers are part of these networks. FlameAd GAMMA Network offers the following services to its prestigious clients:

  • Digital Media buying
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Public Relations
  • Audience Targeting
  • Ad Serving
  • Micro Web Development
  • Audience & Data Management
  • Creative Production
  • Analytics & Measurements
  • Consultancy

We have experienced team of traders, strategists, designers and data scientists, with in-depth knowledge of complete digital media echo system. The coordinated work of our team, using world’s best programmatic ad technologies, drives results beyond your expectation.

Our expertise coupled with programmatic technology provides our clients an opportunity to explore new audience based on data points which match with your brand characteristics. We monitor live campaign performances across all channels display, mobile, video, RTB, search, native and audio, and provide unified reporting to our clients.

Our Experience buyer team who have in-depth knowledge of complete digital media echo system ,team will drive result beyond your expectation using programmatic and technology.

  • Dedicated digital team having 20-years experience

  • Understanding of digital advertising echo system

  • Experienced trader, strategist, designer & data scientists

  • Digital Business transformation

  • Strategic partnership with leading ad technology vendors

  • Unique ad executions

  • Render consultancy & backend service to all agencies

  • Quick time to Goto Market

  • Unified Solution of media buying activation & insights all channels

  • Passion to achieve all KPI

Programmatic technology provide us an opportunity to explore new audience based on data points which match with your brand characteristics.

We are specialist for sales lead generation ads, opinion ads, social feed ads, rich media banners and interactive pre roll video ads to target your audience at the right time, right location in the right context and right phase of customer journey using single tag.

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