About FlameAD GAMMA Network

FlameAD GAMMA Network is a legacy Digital Media Marketing Company that caters result oriented top notch solutions to a diverse clientele as per their unique priorities to help the brands standout as leaders in the market.

FlameAD renders a sundry range of product-centered managed programmatic advertising solutions to agencies and advertisers across all channels display, be it video, audio, OTT, social, native, and search to elicit stellar campaign performance results.

We are linked with the leading Demand Partners like Google DV360, Xandr (formerly known as Appnexus, Media Math, Zemanta, Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Bigo Ads, Tik Tok and appreciably more.

Digital Media Buying
Google Marketing Service
Digital PR Service
Target Audience
Ad Serving
Micro Web Development
Audience & Data Managements
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Analytics & Measurements
Digital Media Buying
Google Marketing Service
Digital PR Service
Target Audience
Ad Serving
Micro Web Development
Audience & Data Managements
Creative Productions
Analytics & Measurements

Leverage New Customer through Data Points

FlameAD takes your business to the next level with the help of AI and advanced innovative media buying tech which utilizes data points as a potential catalyst to amplify, customize, and optimize potential campaigns, in acquiring new prospective customers and driving peak performance results.

We possess a complete skill set of all leading media buying platforms to uplift your brand to dreamed of performance results at minimized advertisement cost.

Targeting & Optimization

FlameAd pioneers in providing relevant quality traffic based on data points to the clients, not only that but also specializes in filtering out unwanted traffic whilst keeping the targeting specific to and in alignment with the brand's niche and vision channeled through unlimited targeting capabilities.

FlameAd GAMMA Network is specialized in filtering out unwanted traffic. The targeting is specific and relevant to the brand by unlimited targeting capabilities such as:

  • Valuable Shoppers of Sales Channel
  • Competitor Site Audience targeting
  • Predictive Segments
  • User Re-Engagement
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Point of Interest
  • Search Keyword
  • Geographic
  • Content Categories
  • Demographic (Age, gender)
  • Interests (Music, sports, lifestyle)
  • Data Segments(1st party, 2nd party, 3rd party)
  • Retargeting
  • Contextual
  • Above The Fold
  • Specific Applications
  • True Advertising
  • Specific websites
  • Brand Safety
  • Cellular Data user
  • Mobile Carrier
  • Pre-bid viewability

Delivering Value via Managed Trade Desk

With partnership with and access to world's top platforms FlameAd extends a full spectrum of digital advertising services worldwide.

Our managed trade desk makes the operations simplified and effective by offering top-level programmatic advertising at one place to regulate unified execution of your digital advertising campaigns. It is the most go-to demand side platform that manages the display, video, mobile, social advertising Campaigns

Data Management Platforms

A data management platform (DMP) is a unifying platform to collect, organize and activate first-, second- and third-party audience data. Being integrated with more than 50 best data management platforms (DMP), Flame AD target precise audience segments to amplify digital campaign performance result. This integration enables publishers, marketers and agencies to maximize effectiveness at every stage of data strategy and it also helps them in finding new customers and grow revenue through audience data.

Empowered Integration via Programmatic Media Buying

FlameAD is integrated with Google DV360, MediaMath, Xandr, Zemanta, The Trade Desk, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other media buying technologies that provide end to end campaign management solutions by bringing into effect creativity and intelligence into automated tech platforms to transform your digital experience by bringing your brand/business to life in the market. We offer Preferred Deals and programmatic guaranteed deals.

Why Programmatic Media Buying?

Aggregates: Social, Search, RTB & Native platforms
Streamlines: Media Planning, Activation, Media Management & Insights
Precision Insights: Detailed reporting, impression to conversion, buy-side focus
Maximize Reach: Expand your horizon by scaling the campaign, better reach, better world wide customer

One Dashboard For Everything

We provide a centralized dashboard control that serve as ease and simplifies the hassel. It allows to see and analyze campaign performance in real time across social, search, display, mobile, native, video, audio and programmatic channels. It saves 30% times of media planners and data scientist. What a relief!

Ads Augmentation on GDN

With our high tech tools for digital advertising, we let you run and benefit from interactive display ads and rich media ads that are usually precluded by Google Ads. With our advanced programmatic advertising tech resources, we provide cutting edge ad features to allow your brand to standout from amongst all ads with distinction on google display network and other ad networks.

We also support in banner video ads with swipe gallery, branded canvas, instream, outstream ad, in feed and in-article ads on large number of publishers.

Bundle Pricing

We believe in establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients and this AIO (All in One) serves as a proof. Our Bundle Package comes packed with media buying, banner production, ad serving and technology fees.

What Makes us different

Quality Traffic Vendors

You brand's safety is our prime priority. Therefore we deliver only quality. Our integration with 5 world renowned brand safety and viewability vendors enables us to display ads in safe environment, ensure brand viewability, and target right context with high precision to control media wastage.

Timely Execution

We have years of working experience for various verticals and hands on command in technology, our experts deliver on time and meet deadlines.

Brand Safety

Abandon the risk of fake news & unsavory content, we ensure to help the placement of your advertising alongside the right content.

Pre-Bid Viewability

Many of the ad served on the web never appear on the screen nevertheless we ensure viewability -50% to -100% before actual biding


Contextual has the power to create memorable & impactful ads, gravitating viewers by offering increase relevancy. The context of the ad links up with the content on the page and grabs lasting attention of the viewer.

Scalable Services

We Offer 360 degree services from creative development, media buying, campaign executions, optimization, targeting, re-targeting and reporting.


We're all about transparency, be it in the form of services, delivery, cost or reporting.

Cost Effective

Our cost are lowest in the industry while maintaining the quality of service at optimum level.

Actionable Analytics Sizmek By Amazon

FlameAD GAMMA Network offers third party analytics service to provide in-depth insights into the industry to help gauge how well ads are performing at every stage of campaign management. Following are the services offered by the third-party analytics tool:

  • Served impressions

  • Clicks

  • Reach

  • Conversions

  • Geo

  • Interaction

  • Dwell time

  • Viewable impressions

  • Ad verification reports

  • Video quartile reports

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