FlameAD Guide to Programmatic Advertisement


Programmatic Advertising Technology is a beast race where turtle will win. Digital advertisement is a place that keeps transforming, its way of advertising to ensure that your advertisement reaches maximum audience. Programmatic Advertising is one of those tools.

Back in the days, marketers had to write proposals and negotiate with many people along the way. Programmatic Advertising refers to workflow automation which is made possible by technology that employs algorithmic artificial intelligence (AI) technology to optimize the delivery of ads based on behavior of visitors.

Programmatic Advertising is also the method which is responsible for helping the world’s most successful and top brands get in market fast and disrupt their competition by using data-driven insights to the customers which gets sharper with every interaction

Why Programmatic?

Programmatic advertising is how the majority of display advertising worked. It is the default method of publishing display advertising.

According to a research, in 2019, US total spend on Programmatic Advertising reached $59.45 billion & account for 84.9% of all display advertising. By 2021, the prediction is that it will account for 88% of all US display advertising & spend will reach over $81billion.

How Programmatic Advertising Works?

Let’s suppose someone is out there in the market to buy gym/workout clothes, and he/she wants to see some reviews before spending their money. They search for ‘best gym cloths’ or ‘best gym gear’. He will land on a page with multiple options to buy. This data is getting collected on digital channels; you can measure the choice of customer and even their physical presence.

This data is getting collected in real time, to serve the right kind of advertisement at the right time.

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Five Advantages of Programmatic Advertising:

  1. Automation:

It fastens the pace of buying and displaying advertisements. Once the whole process of buying advertisement placement is done, you will start seeing massive results that will meet your needs.

  1. Measuring Real Time Results:

Everything related to your advertisement is measured in real time. You can measure the result at any possible time and also you can measure your customer journey.

  1. Demographics:

It helps you choose your target audience and their interests through DMP’s. It will help you increase your reach.

  1. Variety of platforms:

To reach your target audience you can use such variety of different platforms that will help you reach your goals. It includes Image and Text banners advertisement, Audio, Video ads, Native and Social,  OTT platforms and mobile advertisements.

  1. 5. Insights:

By collecting data and insights over the time you can use it to your advantage of increasing performance.

Grow your Strategy with the Time:

In traditional media demographics, placement, creative, CPM’s and reach are pre-defined with specific publishers whereas programmatic is vastly different and will run its own race, especially in the first phase of it.

Programmatic technology is what makes it ahead of any other ad technology and method of media buying today.

A good/workable programmatic strategy is one that keeps moving, adapting to situations as the technology keeps growing over the period of time.  If you start out with only one particular mindset and not focus on growing, you too will be left without taking advantage of many possibilities.

Be Strategic in your Approach:

You need to go with the strategy and be wise in your approach as it will higher your chances of making a sale.

What Matters is:

  • Right Advertisement
  • Right Timing
  • Right Customer
  • Right Channel

Which Demand- side Platform (DSPs) you want to use?

To choose the right platform is one important decision for you to run these programmatic buys. We can get you access to our leading demand partners like Google DV360, Xandr (formerly known as Appnexus, MediaMath, Zemanta, Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bigo Ads, Tik Tok and appreciably more.

Things you need to concentrate when choosing right format:

Programmatic creative doesn’t come free and should be kept fresh; ideally you should consider updating every 8-12 weeks.

Limited creative budget doesn’t really mean low or bad performance. Technologies can still assist you building programmatic display assets for less.  However the more ad sizes you create, the more ad inventory you will be able to access.

Three Important Steps for successful Programmatic Strategy:

Know Your Role:

First and most important factor is to know your role and be aware about the realities. If it’s costing you a good amount of money then you should be aware about the number of visitors on your website, you should follow your weekly and monthly traffic and stay as much active as you can.

Take Advantage:

You will give all the insights you need; all you have to do is do your homework keeping all the insights in front. You need to take advantage of data that you already have and use it for your advantage.


You need to decide who you want to be affiliated with by looking if they can match your needs or not, if they can deliver or not. A right partner can make a big difference in your results, so this needs to be a wise decision on your part.


If you put focus on Programmatic Advertising with an positive mindset and budget, going with the speed of turtle with your goals (because eventually turtle wins), research your own data, insights and taking full advantage of it to your use, implement the right technology and strategy, follow your customer journey, Get ready for your programmatic journey to be a successful one.

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