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Ymca Forms

Each Y Club participant must submit a complete set of emergency information forms, waivers, and government license documents before participating in the Y Club. Download and complete the appropriate emergency information package for your district. Packages are available at the bottom of this page or on your county`s registration page on this website. If your child attends Club Y, you do not need to submit new emergency information materials to participate in a day program without school. If your child is not participating in Club Y, you must submit a complete set of emergency information materials, waivers, and government license forms before participating in the program. You can fax or mail the completed forms to our Association Resource Centre: Each Club Y participant must submit a complete set of emergency information documents, waivers and government license forms before participating in Club Y. To cancel a membership, you must provide the Y with 30 days` notice by completing a cancellation form and returning it to the Y Visitor Centre, by fax at (603) 355-8018, by mail at 200 Summit Road, Keene, NH 03431, or by email at A final payment transfer will be debited from your account on the 15th of the month and you can use the Y until the 14th of the following month. This final transaction cannot be abandoned or cancelled and has been confirmed in your original EFT contract. You may be subject to the re-entry fee at the time of reactivation. Withdrawal form.

During the online registration and admission process, most of the information that the YMCA must contain in the files is completed. Some forms require signatures. Print the following forms, fill them out and download the completed forms as needed. We are very happy that you have decided to become a member. We are happy to support you during all hours of operation during the application process at the YMCA Visitor Centre. To speed up the application process, you can upload your application and complete it in advance. Below are the application forms available for download. Membership restrictions are allowed for medical purposes. If you need a medical membership, please send the Y a medical certificate and notification. Please contact Dan Smith, CEO, at 603.283.5251 or Any change in registration requires one week`s written notice and is based on current availability. This notice must be completed on a change/abandonment request form, which can be downloaded below. You can also obtain a change or deposit request form on your Y Club`s website.

Children and staff have mandatory hygiene breaks to ensure that hands are washed frequently. . Click here to view the Keene Family YMCA Membership Policy, updated July 7, 2021. Payers can access tax receipts for dependent care at any time by logging into the ActiveNet system. Once logged in, click My Account, and then click Print tax receipts under the Account Activity heading. Select the tax year and payer, and then click Run Report. Please note that tax receipts are indicated by the payer and not by the participant. Each payer must print their own receipt. Medication Distribution Formulary Used when a camper needs medication to administer during YMCA program hours.

One formulary per child/per drug. Students receive a healthy snack of fruits and/or vegetables every day after school. Water is the main drink. Only the staff serves snacks at this time. A late fee of $20 will be charged if the indicated fee is not paid by 6 P.m every Monday. If payment is not received by Wednesday, a notice of termination will be issued and payment must be made in full for the services to continue. Yes. Please provide us with a copy of your notice of eligibility. Contact your case manager for more information. Yes. Students have time to start their homework and receive support from Y Club staff. The electronics assigned by the school can only help with homework.

Yes, if places are available. Re-enrolment in the Y Club program is subject to availability. A $25 re-registration fee will be charged for each child. . Any changes to registration, . B such that a change of location, type of care (full-time or part-time), payer or program (before school, after school or before and after school care), requires one week`s written notice and is based on current availability. This notice must be completed on an amendment or filing application form, which you can download below, or requested from your Club Y website or the Youth Development Services Bureau. There is an administration fee of $25 per child to process application amendments. Camp management is also trained in non-violent crisis intervention and verbal de-escalation. For your review and records, the respective parent manuals for the programs are also listed below, along with useful information the YMCA would like to share with you about preventing child abuse. You can also register online. Click here to select your membership type and start your application.

To register for a future start date, you can contact us one week before the desired start date to register. .